The Foods That May Cause Acne

The things that we eat have long been known to affect our health.  If we consume a diet full of fatty, greasy foods we open ourselves up to the risk of heart disease or stroke.  If we don’t get heart disease, we will certainly become overweight and that could cause numerous ailments like high blood pressure and diabetes.   The health of our skin is no different.  If we eat certain foods, we raise our risk of getting acne.  But what foods should we avoid if we want to avoid an acne breakout?

Some of the foods that you are eating each day might taste good but they are actually causing you to suffer from acne.   One of those foods is chocolate.  Although chocolate has some healthy properties, chocolate is loaded with sugar and saturated fats.  Those fats will settle in your intestinal tract and the toxins will eventually make their way to your skin.

Foods that are full of artificial flavors and preservatives are also bad for you if you want to avoid acne.  All of the additives that make some of your favorite foods taste good also are harmful to you.  Many of these additives are also making their way through your system to the surface of your skin.

Fried foods have long been accused of being one of the main causes of acne.  While some people feel that isn’t necessarily the truth, there is some validity to the claim that greasy foods cause acne.   All of the excess grease and fat in these foods are hard for the body to digest and process.  As the body works harder to process these foods, it becomes overworked and it can’t handle all of its normal duties.  That’s when toxins escape and start to cause acne.

Some people believe that dairy products also have a negative effect on the body.  It’s believed that these foods leave mucus on the surface of the intestinal tract.  That mucus makes it easy for bacteria to make a home in your intestines.  The more bacteria in your system, the worst it will be for your skin.

If you can avoid these foods or consume them in moderation, you will lower the chances that you will suffer from an acne breakout.